Josh Briggs Talks Teddy Hart, 3/30 Main Event + More!

September 22, 2017: Question The Answers

My life changed forever. Teddy Hart debuted for Limitless Wrestling and left his mark in the ring and on MJF. After his match, Teddy cut one of his famous 20 minute promos and concluded by asking for the next big independent wrestler to answer his challenge. This is where I come in. My music plays and the crowd of 400+ in Westbrook erupted to a point I’ve never heard before for myself or anyone else for that matter. At that point I knew that Teddy Hart vs. Josh Briggs is one of those matches you didn’t know everyone wanted until we came face to face.


Fast forward a few weeks and Teddy winds up off the market and unable to perform. I was 100% positive we would never come face to face again. So I went about my business and laid my claim to become the Ace of Limitless Wrestling. While I was having the match of the night at Hybrid Moments, Teddy Hart was in jail. I gave up on the hope of this dream match happening and I will be very honest, I was pissed. I was sad. I was a little bit depressed.

Fast forwarding again, I advanced my career further across the country and into Canada (coincidently the home of Teddy Hart). Teddy was a free man and trying to smooth over his demons. He was the last thing on my mind walking into Westbrook for “The World is Ours” seeing that I had my hands full with three of the best in Limitless (and the world) in a fight to crowd the true face of Limitless Wrestling.


After my personal favorite fatal four way of my career, low and behold Teddy Hart’s music hits. The place went nuts, and you could feel that every fan was taken back to the first face off that we had back at Question The Answers. Teddy propositioned JT Dunn, Ace Romero, and myself to a six man tag team match against himself, “Swerve” Shane Strickland, and AR Fox. This match was WAY too good to be passed up and it instantly lead to the match being booked. Personally, I don’t care what this match is dubbed. To me this is a match between the present stars of independent wresting vs. the present and the future stars of independent wrestling.

This leads me to why I’m writing this article. Teddy F*****g Hart. He slipped away once and this time he won’t. At Only Fools Are Satisfied, I will meet the man who is my opponent in thousands of fans dream match. I will finally get the Teddy Hart monkey off of my back. I don’t care who is in this match, with and against me. I have tunnel vision on Teddy Hart. I know this could and probably will be the only time I will be able to be in a ring with the craziest independent wrestler on the planet. I only care about pinning Teddy Hart. I don’t care if I have to choke slam him off the roof of the building, Teddy Hart will finally be crossed off of my “list”. If this is the only time Teddy and I get to fight in the middle of a ring, it will be something you will never forget.