Joey Eastman Talks His Interest In MSP, Jimmy Jacobs vs. DangerKid + more!

When I decided to jump back into the rasslin business, I was really hesitant. I’m in my mid-thirties; I have a career in which I’m very successful, a giant house in the gated neighborhood, hot wife, and perfect son. Why would I want to reemerge in indie wrestling? Let’s face it, it’s a cesspool. But then I saw something. I saw The Maine State Posse.


I wanted to help these kids, because I weirdly see myself in them. I was a loud 22 year old kid that just wanted to change wrestling to what I thought it should be. I worked everywhere, with every big name you can think of. During my time in IWA Midsouth from 2003-2009, I made a really close friend in Jimmy Jacobs.

Jimmy was a teenager when we met, yet he was already a veteran. I gravitated towards him because his approach to wrestling was smart. I once saw Jimmy dislocate a hip in Highland, Indiana. He crawled under the ring, popped it back into place, and finished the match. Jimmy was a tough kid, but he was so smart.

Jimmy has remained a very close friend over the years. We’ve made each other a lot of money, and we come up with great ideas to help wrestling get better…and that’s why I selected Jimmy to be DangerKid’s opponent.

To be honest, I was shocked when DangerKid took the opportunity I presented in January. If anyone, I was expecting Aggro to take me up on the offer. But now, it’s my obligation to provide an opponent for DangerKid that will not only beat him up a little, but also outsmart him. I want this to be a learning experience for DangerKid.


I trust Jimmy. I trust Jimmy to beat up DangerKid and to show him that if the Joey Eastman Machine gets behind him, and the MSP, that the sky is the limit. I get wanting to have the DIY mentality, but at some point, you need to realize that there are people that just want to see you succeed. I want to be the father to these guys that they’ve never had. I want them to have the big house, the hot wife, the 3 fireplaces, and the jacuzzi tub with a big screen TV above it. You’re not going to get that by doing it the way you’re doing it. That’s why I feel it is my obligation to be a mentor to these kids. Take them to McDonalds; spot them $5 for some lunch. I want to hug them when they need to be hugged, and as we’ll see on March 30th, discipline them when they need to be shown the way. I love you kids, and I’ll see you on March 30th.