The Commentary - Who Will Oppose DangerKid On 3/30?

Let’s dissect for a moment.



Danger. To flirt with danger is to give in to suppressed desire. To feed the craving for what is and always has been denied, even at the risk of one’s mental, and often, physical well-being. Conversely, those who fear danger often fail to break beyond what limits their potential, never allowing themselves to maximize their own merit.

In this case, with the pursuit of danger, come the reigns of youth. He does not advertise anything but the truth: he is just a kid. With such an admission, he lets down his guard, providing context to his misguidedness. DangerKid is a fearless punk.

But would he have it any other way?


It is through his lack of fear that DK has blazed his path through Limitless Wrestling in not just its infancy, but the infancy of his career. We have seen some scrub from the ring crew become one of the most consistent and identifiable faces in Limitless, and his rise to prominence, while a credit to his ability, also coincides with the reemergence of his brethren.

The Maine State Posse. With Aiden Aggro at his side, MSP provided an immeasurable boost to DangerKid’s career. For the better part of a year, the Posse was dominant in Limitless, elevating Aggro and DK beyond what many who hail from Vacationland have managed to accomplish.

Then Alexander Lee joined the party in May. Since then?


MSP has found itself laying on the mat rather than towering it, particularly, DangerKid. Now, Joey Eastman has his eyes set on what was one of Maine’s hottest commodities, offering promises of a return to relevance in exchange for adhering to his practices. Whether it was his insatiable appetite for destruction or sheer misguidance, DangerKid now finds himself in his first singles match in almost two years, with his opponent for “Only Fools Are Satisfied” still to be determined.

So who could be DK’s adversary in this open challenge put forth by Eastman?


Perhaps it may be a ghost of outings past, like Allie Kat. We know she will be present March 30th, and as made evident at Limitless’ January show, she has the dangerous one’s number. A win for him would prove that finish to be a fluke, but would he put himself in a vulnerable position to lose twice in three months to the same woman?


What about a new face? Brody King heads to the Northeast’s hottest promotion for the first time at “Only Fools Are Satisfied,” having torn up the likes of the reborn MLW (I can confirm, because I’m an Emmy Award-winning colleague of Court Bauer’s, by the way), and even recently debuted in PWG. He and DK came into the game around the same time, but in this ever-changing landscape of what constitutes a professional wrestler, he continues to reinvent the game. What would a win over BK mean for DK? Maybe enough to make him look past MSP.


Speaking of the Posse…what if his brother could be coaxed into Eastman’s palm? What if Aggro, the Angus Young to DK’s Malcolm Young, were to accept the challenge? It wouldn’t be the first time we have seen this match inside a Limitless ring, but surely, these two are more polished and traveled now than ever. What kind of ramifications would that have on the future of Maine’s own crusaders?

There are risks in stooping to Eastman’s level. But when has DangerKid ever been afraid of risks? Whoever, or whomever, await(s) DK in Westbrook matters little to the man with no regard for obstacles. Seriously, do you think DangerKid cares who he faces?

Don’t be so foolish.

- Jon Alba