Anthony Greene Talks Undefeated Streak, Introduction Of Domino & Hurst, + More! - Let's start by flashing back to Hybrid Moments in November. Your third straight show main eventing Limitless Wrestling, this time against JT Dunn. Where was your confidence at heading into this match still being undefeated, and what prompted you to bring Brett Domino & DL Hurst with you?

Anthony Greene - In ring, I couldn't have been more confident. Although, I feel my 2017 year in Limitless was overlooked a bit. I myself knew going into November that JT needed this match more than I did. He needed it as his stepping stone, for me it was just vindication. (cont.)


When it come to Brett and DL... those are my boys. I look at them and I see two NEPWA talents, not students, that get overlooked by Fury because he's too busy trying to mold Robo and Darley before their "big" tryouts. While they're in the background putting in the work to be the next up and coming guys in the area. - Do you see some similarities between yourself, Domino, and Hurst?

Anthony Greene - 100%. I honestly see a lot of them in me. Not the biggest guys, not always the most eye catching, and some would say forgettable. Then, you see us in the ring and you realize that on raw talent alone that we have "IT". - So was it your instruction for them to get involved throughout your match with JT in November?


Anthony Greene - Honestly, the match aside for a second. I had more than Just JT Dunn to worry about. I have a pissed off Ace Romero, guys like John Silver, Ethan Page, and seemingly everyone else literally watching me like a hawk. I told them to do what ever was necessary to make sure I walked out unscathed. Fact is, I'm still standing. They've proven themselves to me and on 1/19 they're going to prove to everyone that they are more than just two guys. They are not secondary to me, they are their own men and they'll have their chance to show everyone. - Speaking of The World Is Ours, how are you preparing for your fourth straight main event in Limitless Wrestling against JT Dunn, Ace Romero, and Josh Briggs?

Anthony Greene - The same way I've done every time. They'll all talk it, I'll just do it. The crowd can hate me. It's just motivation to keep proving everyone wrong. 15 wins and never been pinned. Why there's still a debate on who the "Man" is here baffles me. It's been me and will be until I decide otherwise.

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