Ace Romero Talks His Move To Ohio, 2017 In Review, & The World Is Ours - So before we dive into everything that transpired in November leading up to The World Is Ours on 1/19, you had a major announcement this week about your future! Want to give us the scoop on what lead to you making the decision to relocate to Ohio in 2018?

Ace Romero - My decision to move to Ohio was based on the fact that I feel like I made the biggest impact that I could this year in New England. Not saying my job is done here, but I’ve got to keep things fresh. The midwest is going to be a new market for me. New companies, new fans, new opportunities. To be honest, I never want to get stuck in a wrestling bubble like some guys do. If you become complacent in this line of work, you’re never going to get ahead and you won’t keep growing as a performer. You gotta stick and move. 2018 is going to be a huge year for me and the work starts now. - I know there’s been a lot of speculation since the announcement so I’ve got to ask. Do you plan to continue appearing in New England throughout the year?

Ace Romero - Do I plan on continuing appear in New England? Hell yeah! Of course. That being said, my appearances will be a little more spread out. Which is cool, I think. It’s okay to be missed once in awhile.

37119976650_c0a0d8aa38_o-2.jpg - Absolutely. 2017 overall was a groundbreaking year for you. From becoming a mainstay with CZW, to debuting for House Of Hardcore, to headlining numerous Limitless Wrestling events, what have been some major highlights for you?

Ace Romero - Yeah man, it’s been a crazy year. As far highlights, it’s more about the experiences I’ve had. For example, standing on what felt like 20 foot platform at CZW and having the entire arena chant my name, to then go on to win Aerial Assault. Being able to walk down the aisle at the legendary 2300 Arena in Philly for HOH and having the crowd in the palm of my hands. Getting to wrestle some of the greatest talent around and doing so at companies like Limitless. Getting to be a featured story with ESPN was so cool. Just a lot of amazing moments that I was told will never happen for me. I don’t think I give myself enough credit sometimes, but I was super proud of myself this year. - Now let’s flashback to November at Hybrid Moments. A crazy show, and insane opening match with Sami Callihan, who seems to be instrumental in your career this year. Was this match something special for you?

Ace Romero - I mean, without breaking the fourth wall here too much, there was a moment in the match where I told him “I love you”. I only said it loud enough where only he and I could hear it. But it’s the truth. He’s like a big brother to me. He makes fun of me, hits me, just picks on me any chance he gets. But, in the same breath he’s had my back since day one. He’s vouched for me so much, which has put me in numerous high pressured situations that have led me to get bigger opportunities. He’s the man. I’d fight him every day of the week and also hug him. - Another guy you've seemingly had a bond with over the past couple years is JT Dunn. You came to his aid after his main event draw with Anthony Greene when he was surrounded by Brett Domino and DL Hurst. After leveling them, Dunn shoved you and screamed, "I don't need your help. I'm no bitch, Ace." Is that bond a little strained with JT after Hybrid Moments?

Ace Romero - Well, first off, DL Hurst…what a name! Secondly, as far as JT and I go, we’re boys and I understand his frustration that night. But like, he’s gotta understand mine. I don’t live in delusional world.  JT likes to say that Limitless is the “House That Dunn Built.”  And my response to that is, “DID YA?!?”  Because it was me who legit strapped Limitless on my back for two years now. Now I’m not saying I’m the only guy who has put in hard work. There’s an amazing group of people at Limitless busting their ass. But when Dunn walks in and starts claiming shit as if he put the work in, that’s what rubs me the wrong way. He only reaped the benefits of my hard work. He doesn’t seem to realize that. - Finally, I'd like to talk about your mindset heading into The World Is Ours on 1/19 in Westbrook. You've been here since the very beginning as you just said. You headlined the very first show in Limitless Wrestling history, and have never missed a Limitless event. You just stated your thoughts on Dunn proclaiming Limitless is "The House That Dunn Built", but what's your reaction to both Anthony Greene and Josh Briggs also believing they're the MAN in Limitless Wrestling?

Ace Romero - As for Briggs and AG, they’re allowed to believe whatever they want. My story with AG feels like it’s never ending. And Briggs is too blinded by the people who kiss his ass to see what’s coming next. This match is about respect. You have to earn every little thing you get in this business. It’s going to be a fight. And as far as I’m concerned on 1/19, a wise man once said “If you try me - I’ll make you famous.” See you there.

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