This Week In Limitless Wrestling - Dunn vs. Blackwood Signed For 9/6, Ace Gets His Fight, Leyla Hirsh Debuts

Ace Romero Gets His Fight: Earlier this week it became official that “Big Acey” Ace Romero would go one-on-one with independent wrestling legend, Dan Maff at Know Your Enemy on 9/6 in Portland! This marks the first time Maff will compete inside a Limitless Wrestling ring, but not the first time The Bayonne Badass has crossed paths with Ace Romero.

Photo - Earl Gardner

Photo - Earl Gardner

These two went to war in the House Of Hardcore Television Title Tournament in January of 2018, with Maff walking out victorious after a vicious BURNING HAMMER to the 385lb Romero! Yeah, that happened. But Romero vows there will be a different outcome next Friday..

Yes, Dan Maff is a legend. No doubt about that. This man still doing what he does on a high level is insane. We fought in Philly and by no one else’s mistakes but my own, I found myself upside down crashing towards the mat. I’ve waited over a year for this rematch and the chance to prove to one of the hardest hitters in professional wrestling that I can’t just hang, but I can win.  This time the fight ends on my terms. It’s my fans. My family. My house.
— Ace Romero

JT Dunn vs. Kevin Blackwood Signed For 9/6: Nearly two months after Kevin Blackwood eliminated JT Dunn from the finals of the 2019 Vacationland Cup, Pro Wrestling’s Savior gets a shot at revenge. It was made official Wednesday night that Blackwood & Dunn would collide in singles action for the first time ever at Know Your Enemy on 9/6 in Portland, ME! Check out JT’s final moments in #VLC2019 below.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch Debuts On 9/6: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch has been added to Know Your Enemy on 9/6 in Portland! A product of the CZW/WSU Academy, Hirsch has had numerous impressive showings over the past few months and has been highly recommended by members of the Limitless Wrestling locker room. She’ll have an opportunity to make her mark in Limitless as a part of the annual Six Way Scramble next Friday! Unfamiliar? Check out this match below from Beyond Wrestling where Hirsch collides with D.L. Hurst!

UNSANCTIONED VII - The Death Of The Maine State Posse Drops: In case you missed it, the latest installment of UNSANCTIONED dropped this week on, highlighting the rise and abrupt fall of The Maine State Posse. We get an in-depth look at the immediate reactions from the newly formed alliance of Alexander Lee, Brandon Kirk, and Joey Eastman. We also get two emotional interviews with DangerKid & Aiden Aggro about Alexander Lee’s departure, reinstating Joey Eastman, and the Portland Street Fight that’s been set for 9/6.

For those unfamiliar, UNSANCTIONED is a Limitless Wrestling mini-doc series by Harry Aaron that kicked off in 2017 to capture and combine in-ring moments, intense interviews, & backstage exclusive content. We know everyone can’t attend every show, so UNSANCTIONED opens the door to many new / returning fans to catch up on the recent happenings in Limitless. To view more UNSANCTIONED episodes, click the playlist below!

Hair vs. Career Info: We’ve got some wild tag team action signed for Know Your Enemy on 9/6, but none of them have the implications that Sass & Fury (Skylar & Jeremy Leary) vs. Kris Statlander & Ashley Vox does! “The Best Hair In Professional Wrestling” Jeremy Leary puts his hair on the line against Kris Statlander’s Limitless career. To ensure things run smoothly in the event of either outcome, we’ve reached out to some professional help. Bradford The Barber has signed on to assist Kris Statlander & Ashley Vox with Jeremy Leary’s haircut if they walk out victorious on 9/6. After an incident last month where Leary shoved Bradford, stealing his scissors to cut Ashley Vox’s hair in the process, it’s the least we could do.

For four years, I’ve just been a face in the crowd, an unbiased member of the Limitless family. That is, until Jeremy Leary put his hands on me, he threatened my girlfriend, he stole my scissors; he brought me into this. So now, when the options are his hair, or Kris’ career? It’s an easy choice. I’ve tried to remain unbiased but simply cannot. I can’t wait to help Kris Statlander & Ashley Vox shave the self proclaimed Best Hair In Professional Wrestling.
— Bradford The Barber

We’ve also signed on Dyer Security for 9/6 to escort Kris Statlander out of the Portland Expo if Leary & Skylar are victorious next Friday. Head Of Security, Dave Dyer ensured us there will be zero issues and called the event security at the 2019 Vacationland Cup “laughable.” The Maine State Posse would tend to agree. Jokes aside, someone’s life and career changes forever next Friday at The Portland Expo.